Monday, September 26, 2011

Over a year since I posted, wtf?!

This post will be an assortment of captioned pictures of what I have been up to in the SCA in the last year.

I haven't been terribly active, since getting these patches took up most of my life:

I moved to Auckland (Barony of Ildhafn, Lochac) from Christchurch to find paid EMT work and be with my lovely boyfriend (who does not do SCA, yet.)

I got my SCA badge passed with the college of heralds: '(fieldless) a kraken inverted purpure':

I went to Canterbury Faire, the largest SCA event in New Zealand and did some fighting (Look, I didn't loose for once!)

This is how I looked most of the time. I made everything except significant reconstruction help from Beth with the hat. The pants are poorly documentable but they're comfy and practical. I have a pattern sitting next to me as I type for the puffy-german-hose-shorts, which will replace them;

I started doing some applique of tabard sleeves to go with the new tabard (no photos, but it is my heraldry so fairly self-explanatory) but got bored of doing blanket stitch so they're in a box for now:

I FINALLY finished the faux-enamelled chirurgeon tokens. Sveinn from ?Rowany did the pewter work:

I made some very simple torso armour for SCA combat, which will be hidden under a shirt and waffenrock. This will allow me to return some more gear to my pelican, I would also like to make a more appropriately shaped sheild;

Lastly, here's an obligatory photo of my best friends kittens attacking me while I sleep;