Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Stuff~

Right, so, I've been damnably slack of late, in the blogworld.

Here's a blag with some new stuff I've been doing. At least the photos I could get before my batteries ran out.

Here's three (of twelve) peices of Benedicts coronet cut out and rough sanded. This is pre-punch and pre-assembly, obviously.

Annnnd, this is the coronet almost finished. Here all the peices have been shaped (a rough curve) and punched, and then riveted to the leather, but with the silk between the brass and the leather. The silk is then turned in, and stitched down. All I have to do is stitch some more silk into the inside with some wool for padding.

As you can see, this is vastly different to my design from an earlier post. The main thing I have done wrong is to use WAY WAY too thin brass. Next time it will be way heavier. This stuff bends and such, too easily. Thus, the peices are a bit wonky, and were too easy to cut out. The brass I used was significantly cheaper than the heavier stuff - next time I will spend more and get a much better outcome. (I plan to make Benedict a new one soon) The shape of each segment is the same because I couldn't get the curvatures right -- but more experimentation/practice should mean I can make pretty much any shape. They aren't etched either, because I couldn't buy etchant in Christchurch.

Overall, I'm not super super happy with this for the above reasons, but it does from a meter or two away look like an OK coronet. Next ones will be -much- better. Heavier brass, and a more documentable attachment method (I used brass bifurcated rivets).

Next up: a gown sleeve:

Is from this pattern. So far is going well. Should be finished this week...

Last but not least, a wallhanging. My lovely friend Leah superimposed my device, and then OHP and paint, later this is the result:

This is the original woodcut from sometime medieval (late 14thC or early 15thC? I guess, from the frocks) with photoshopping:

Finally, a photo of how my backyard floods, in this lovely weather (a few weeks ago):

That's all for now!