Thursday, May 6, 2010

State of th' Kotek

Had my specialist appointment at the Pain Management Clinic, today..

It was pretty good. I wasn't overly surprised by their initial findings, until seeing the doctor. We're scrapping (or at least removing the emphasis on) of my until-now diagnosis of Scheuermann's disease, for Hypermobility Syndrome, which fits, too, I think. I loled a little when the doctor took five minutes to diagnose me, after at least five GP types going "i dunno, it shouldn't be this bad and I can't work out why" - which was amusing and neat. X3

The plan is for twelve sessions once a week of fairly intense therapy stuff - mostly in a gym which will hurt to start with but will hopefully get some muscles doing the right thing... And also maybe giving venlafaxine* (or nortryptylene) a go, and possibly adding in gabapeatin. Those are a little worrisome, though.

All in all, it was interesting. I've also tentatively picked up six hours a week back at work, in a fairly relaxed setting, so all looking up, there.

I've also applied to study at AUT the Bachelor of Health Science: Paramedic course, starting part time, probably. :D (Correspondence - I'm not about to move to Auckland - though if I get in I'll be travelling for 2-3 weeks of block courses a semester)

(*In the right dose it can affect serotonin and noradrenalin receptors which have something to do with pain - tl;dr, not for depression but pain numbing. Yay Science!)