Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some new stuff:

First up, my heraldic belt. This was woven for me by Agnes, and the fittings are from Raymonds Quiet Press. All I did was assemble it and cut brass bits for the back to act as washers. Very happy!

Next is a doublet. It is red velveteen lined with OMGYELLOW linen. It's the first side-lacing one I've made, and is technically quite different to the only doublet I've made before (my brown center-opening one) and was pretty easy to make, if a bit time consuming. Technically it is reversible, but I don't think I'll ever do that. I'm going to investigate (IE get a quote) for a clothing alteration place to put in the lacing points by machine.

And a sleeve.

And an unfinished sleeve of the next doublet, which is identical in cut, just different fabric.

I also have submitted a draft copy of the Lochac Chirurgeonate Policy for comment. With any luck, it will be passed through happily and be in action by MidWinter!


Sophie said...


I have just finished a petticoat made out of the exact same shade of OMG YELLOW linen. 3 guesses why its the petticoat :P

Looks awesome :D

Kotek said...

See, I like the obnoxious bright colors... ^^;

Tina said...

Glad to see you finally use that yellow (I'm assuming it's the stuff I sent you?)